The SPA CEYLON Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub

Hellloooo people! How have you been? Are the winters treating you good??? Here at my place it rained frequently yesterday and I kind of hated it! I like sunny winters with little breeze. After all winters are meant to be cherished right…..all those things you couldn’t do in summers like make-up and stuff…..(we ladies know how tough it gets to keep make up in place during summers)…..winter is the time when we all live up to it. But but but…….winters mean a little extra care for your skin and hair and everything. So, today, I’m gonna post a review of an item that can be used all the year round to keep our feet soft and supple.

To begin with, despite this being my first post for the blog, let me tell you that I got this product with my October Fab-Bag. I got a 3 month subscription of fab-bag and this came with it. I think you all should give fab bag a try…..I love it and I’m planning to go for a 6 month subscription (after I save a little money ….hehehe). Okay without wasting much time, lets just read what this product does and how to use it…!

The SPA CEYLON Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub comes in a green tub with a black screw cap. Its written all over in white and this looks pretty cute in my shelf where I keep all make-up and essential stuff. This is an Ayurveda product. Let’s take a look at the packaging and all…!

Now lets have a look at its ingredients. The ingredients list is quite long and from what I read I think its all a mixture of various essential oils.


It has soya bean oil, virgin coconut oil, peppermint oil (that’s why its the green mint scrub), olive oil, ceylon margosa oil, lemon grass oil, pure bees honey, walnut shell extract (it gives the scrubbing effect) and various various other good things.

The first thing I liked about this product is that its a PARABEN FREE product. Now this is something everybody should keep in mind. Paraben and SLS does more damage to your skin and hair than anything. Try to refrain from products that contain these. This product is also 100% vegetarian.

CLAIMS: TRIDOSHA suitable for all dosha and skin type. A natural purifying formula to soften, smoothen and revitalize feet. Lime peel, dark grape & volcanic minerals help remove rough patches & hard skin, lightening discolourations. Peppermint and lemongrass essential oils cool and refresh feet, controlling foot odour. Margosa and virgin coconut nourish, soothe & relax for total foot comfort.

This scrub has a toothpasty consistency and is thick. This no doubt gives a good scrubbing effect.

The instructions say to massage this onto your feet in circular motions for 5 minutes and one must give a little extra time to the dry rough patches. Then you should wash off and dry it.

Over many years one thing that I have learnt is that different products work in different ways. For me this method did nothing to my feet. When you’ll apply you’ll see that its quite dry and the granules don’t really stick on the feet so that you can massage. What I did was after cleaning my feet I dabbed on a little moisturizer and spread it evenly. Then i took little bit of this scrub on my fingers and massaged all over my feet and soles, wore socks and went off to sleep. Next morning I woke up to soft and supple feet that looked nourished. And I’m continuing this method and this one has really helped me fight discolorations on the skin. My feet were extremely tanned and it really helped lighten it.

Now the price is a bit too high. I got a free sample that had 50 grams of product. But the originals price is Rs. 1100/- for 300 ml.  This 50 grams tub will last me the whole winter so I guess the usual one will last longer.


  • It’s paraben free.
  • Helps fight discoloration.
  • Gives supple feet.
  • Smells minty fresh.


  •       Pricey pricey pricey!!! Now I would never pay Rs. 1100/- for a foot scrub. I once used a Jovees feet scrub that worked too good on my skin and it costs within 200 bucks. So yeah, I won’t buy this. If price is not a problem for you then you can definitely buy it.

So this is it for the Spa Ceylon feet scrub. Let me know if you liked it or you didn’t. You can also comment down below with products that you’d like me to review. Till then enjoy winters!!! Love you XOXO