Crystal Earrings from thestylequotient

Happy new year lovely people…….have a very very very beautiful and stylish and great 2016. I wish with all my heart that all of you have a really nice year and you all live up to fulfill your resolutions (if u made any  😛 ……I’m too lazy to even think of resolutions ).

So, today after quite a loooong break I am finally writing something for the fashion category in the blog and I’m going to write about two super super suuuuuuper awesome earrings that I have my eyes on.

I am too much into instagarm. Nah, I don’t post pics everyday there but I do browse it regularly and spend quite sometime there browsing everything that catches my eye. Lately I have been following few great fashion profile pages that create fashion statement pieces and this one that I’m going to post about is one of them. Its the profile of thestylequotient . You can check out their page. They sell earring, great neck-pieces and great cell phone cases. They totally live up to their bio that reads “Accessorize life with the latest and most fashionable stuff“. Trust me, each and every piece they sell are to die for.

Now coming to the one I’m posting about are these pairs…….


Aren’t these pairs just too much elegant??? They can simply add so much elegance to any outfit. You can pair them with your gown, you can pair it with your jeans and crop top for a totally chic look and they can instantly light up any ethnic dress.

These are crystal earrings. At first I thought these would be costly but but but……..they are sooooo reasonably priced. Each pair costs Rs. 600 only. All you gotta do is WhatsApp them your details at 8286123457 and these beautiful earring would be yours forever. Oh yeah……..COD is available! I’m telling you girls, its a total YAAAAAAAAYYYYYY buy. Get this today and rock every outfit. If you want to see more creations of thestylequotient then simply take a look at their page and drool 😀

Till then…….look good, feel good and always keep it stylish 🙂


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