Chicken Lasagna at FOODPATH

Hiiii guys! How are you all doing???? Well first of all let me wish you a very happy Republic Day! Let’s pledge today for a better future of our nation and work together for it.

This is my blog’s first food review! I will be coming up lots of easy DIY recipes that take no time absolutely, but I thought to review this because I have never reviewed any restaurant or food joint before and I wnated to try out how it goes. So here is the first review of FOODPATH, a joint in Bangur Avenue that serves Continental and Chinese. You can read about them by clicking the Zomato widget.

To begin with, I am an Italian food lover and I love anything that has cheese in it. Lasagna was something that I always wanted to try. I had always seen it on TV channels where chefs used to whip up lasagnas and cheese used to bubble on top. But sadly, I never had a convection/grill microwave at home so could never make it. So, when this joint opened up and I read about it I knew what I had to try first. Yes it was LASAGNA. I placed an order for chicken lasagna and they said they’ll deliver it at home (yaaaayyyy). The chicken lasagna costs Rs. 179/- inclusive of taxes. Now lets get down to the review!

I placed an order for it around 7:40 PM and it was delivered by 8:30PM. The food was piping hot and carefully packed. The lasagna also comes with two triangular pieces of herbed-garlic bread! All of it was carefully packed in aluminium sheet and the lasagna sat beautifully in an aluminium vessel…..!


Now as I unwrapped it, I could smell the delicious aroma of the lasagna! And once I opened, I fell in love 😀


Coming to the taste and texture! It has gooey melted cheese with the perfect needed little burnt flavor with a velvety smooth pasta sheet that engulfs assorted veggies and chicken cooked in red sauce to perfection. The veggies include broccoli, bell pepper, tomato, carrot, mushrooms and corn! And there is chicken in every bite you take. The quantity is good enough for two people. I’ll only suggest that if you buy it, take an extra plate of garlic bread with it. Lasagna goes soooo much better with garlic bread. The sauce in which the veggies and chicken were cooked were a bit spicy and that cheese totally balances the flavor. With every bite, you’ll feel like you are melting in cheese. This is a cheese lovers delight. Now, trying new dishes always tell me aomething about myself that I didn’t know before. This time it was BROCCOLI. I never knew broccoli tasted this bad. I am never having broccoli in my life. Next time whatever I order from wherever, I am gonna ask them specifically to make it without broccoli. Other than that, the lasagna was perfect, perfectly seasoned, well balanced, great to the eyes and also to the tongue. I was halfway through it and already full.


So, next time if you are in Bangur or Sinthi (they have one outlet at Sinthi too), do give this a visit. The Bangur restaurant is also awesome with all colorful interior. I’ll update this post coz very soon I’ll be taking one of my fellow reviewer there to try it out 😀


Cost effective?  Yep! I give it 4.5/5

Tasty Food? Hell Yeah! Full 5/5

Will I try it again?  Yes yes yes ye

Foodpath Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

One thought on “Chicken Lasagna at FOODPATH

  1. I Arijit Saha, Founder of FoodPath would like to start off with the phrase “PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO EAT ARE ALWAYS THE BEST PEOPLE” & we truly believes you are one of them. We would like to also show our thanks & gratitude for your just observations to such minute details of our food. It might seem to be very normal but each and every items on our menu has got their own story to tell & its takes lots of detailed effort to make each & every stuffs and more so its takes a super experienced foodie to look into those details. We truly believe you are one of those rare breed who gives lot of importance to their taste buds.


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