How To Make CAPPUCINNO At Home

Well hello people…..its 15th February, one day post one of the greatest festivals of lover’s life. I hope you all had a beautiful Valentine’s day! Thank God it was a Sunday this year. Lazy people like me would have enjoyed staying back at home and ordering food and putting on PJs and watching romantic movies. And now to add to the misery, 15th is a Monday. And we all are getting those Monday blues. And we are looking everywhere for some #MondayMotivation. Here I am with an exciting coffee recipe that you can prepare to give that boost of energy on a Monday morning. P.S. You don’t require a coffee machine for this.


I am putting up an ingredient list but let me tell you, you can use things according to your preference.


  • Coffee – coarse or grounded (Nescafe or any available brand of coffee will do)
  • Sugar – Preferable take granulated sugar and not icing sugar.
  • Hot Milk – skim, double toned, full fat……any will do! The greater the fat content, the frothier it’ll be.
  • Cream – optional.

In this one, I have used regular coffee, granulated sugar and double toned milk without the cream.

I’ll illustrate the procedure step by step with pics.

  1. Take coffee and sugar in a cup. Now I won’t go into measurement because come on…..who cooks at home measuring every tablespoon and teaspoon! Add the ingredients as you want it. If you prefer stronger coffee, add little bit more of coffee powder. I like smoother creamier coffee so I kind of add equal quantity of coffee and sugar! 1
  2. Now add few drops of milk….be very cautious….don’t add more than 2-3 drops of milk. At the beginning you’ll feel the mixture is dry but that’s perfect. Keep stirring and you’ll see that everything is coming together. Take a look at the pics –


    3. You can see how it has changed color from dark brown to chocolaty brown. Keep stirring more because the whole key lies in stirring. You don’t have to stir vigorously but lightly for around 5 minutes till it begins to look like this –

    4. This mixture will double up in volume with constant stirring. And you can store this mixture for up to a week. Keep it in an air tight jar in the fridge and you can use it every time you want to have smooth creamy coffee. Now add just 2-3 ladle full of milk. Don’t fill up the cup all the way. After adding few ladles of milk, give it a good stir. Make sure you add boiling milk at this point coz we need to dissolve the sugar. (Best is, while making this, put the milk on stove at total low heat for boiling. By the time the milk will boil, the coffee paste will be ready). This is how it’ll look after you’ve added the milk and stirred – 6


5. By this time you’ll actually begin to feel that its becoming smooth. Now in my case, I added double toned milk. You can add cream or full fat milk or you can even add milk with water to fill the cup. After you have filled the cup, give it one quick stir and let it sit for few minutes and enjoy your cappucino.


I didn’t get a very thick froth because I used double toned milk. If you use full fat milk or cream, you’ll have a thicker froth. Anyway you’ll treat yourself to some heavenly coffee and once you are a pro at stirring it perfectly, you’ll never have coffee the regular way again!

Don’t forget to try this one and tell me how it turned out….!!! Beat your Monday blues or sit down for some “ME” time with your best cuppa in hand!

Till then….lots of love XOXO



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