The Sweetie Box


I couldn’t find a better picture to start this post with. Yes today I’m gonna write about a totally unique subscription box that has all the ingredients to make your day. There is nothing on this planet that chocolates cannot fix. And the people at The Sweetie Box know it. They know how to uplift your mood and surprise you with the best way possible.

The Sweetie Box is a monthly subscription box that ships UK’s most favorite, loved and recently launched chocolates, candies, bubble gums and what not in a cute bright pink box. The box itself will make you drool. And when you open it…’ll be simply awestruck. You can find them at and order yours. They ship worldwide…….yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy! And you can make this gorgeous lovely box yours at just $16.99.

Now let me take you through the wonderful contents of the box.


This is how the box looks like……Pretty In Pink *drools*. Now just look at the next pic!


As a child did you ever feel lost in a candy shop??? I did. All the times. And this is exactly how I felt when I opened the box. At that moment I wanted to hug everybody at TheSweetieBox. Doesn’t this look so cheerful in itself ???This is enough to make a chocolate lover like me get infatuated with the box. And I finished few of the items in just a day. I’ll show you the pics of the ones that I saved to blog for you guys 😀

First……the Skittles. They look like Cadbury Gems but they are sour in a sweet way. And again……..soooooooo colorful.



Next are the unique, yellow and round Emoti Balls….lemon flavored bubble gum. These bubble gums actually look like emojis, so cute!


Next comes The Nerds……cute green and red tiny, tangy, crunchy candy flavored in “So-Very-cherry” and “What-a-melon”



Then I received, two packets of fun dips from two different brands. We don’t get these here so I am soooo excited to try this. They kind of have a flavored stick and a fuzzy flavored dip. I’ll try it just after I finish this blog 😛


I am super happy to receive the original version of oreos. Who doesn’t love oreos??? I can live on them literally. And they sent me a pack of the original OREOS. *happy dance*


Aaaand I saved the best for the last. They sent me my favorite Dairy Milk in OREO flavor! Do we get that here? Nooooo. Plus Hershey’s chocolate, plus Dairy Milk Caramello and another chocolate named “DAIM”. We only get the caramello here but I was equally excited to receive it with them. Who doesn’t like chocolates!


And now those two things that I finished the very day the box was delivered. Rainbow drops and Reese’s peanut butter cup. Rainbow drops are puffed rice and maize that are sweet and yes again they are colorful…..pretty pastel shades. And Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are like cups from heaven. They have a sift peanut buttery filling inside and they are coated with chocolate. Yummmmmm! Since I ate it up, I’ll post images that I found on the net so that you guys get to know how they are!


Aren’t these drool-worthy???? I am in total love with The Sweetie Box. Seriously guys you need one for yourself. Everybody deserves a Sweetie Box in their lives.

For more info about them you can follow them at instagram. Find them there as thesweetie_box , scroll through their images and you will know why everybody loves them. I can’t just get over them. Order your sweetie box now to enjoy the best of candies and chocolates. And you will simply not be dissappointed.

Till then…..have a chocolaty weekend……lots of love XOXO






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