My Envy Box May 2016 ~ The Tropical Edition

The best thing for a woman is to receive a monthly box filled with goodies. Trust me, we all women love to be pampered. That is why, subscription boxes are the new trend in the market. Every month, right at your doorstep you are sent all things beautiful to keep you happy for a month. By the time you think of trying something new, there is again another box delivered to you right away. And what is better than a bright colorful box filled with make-up, skin care and hair care essentials!!!! Ah! We love it. And to keep up with this trend, one of the best selling beauty….err… beauty subscription box brand here in India is our very own My Envy Box. Recently, subscribers have received the Tropical Box, made specially for May and I’m going to give you it details 🙂

This month’s theme is Tropical and keeping that in mind this month’s box is bright yellow with plant and floral impressions on it. There is also a pretty Pecan bird.

One thing I love about My Envy Box is that the boxes are quite sturdy and are re-usable. Plus they come in pretty colors every month and are enough to decorate your closet.

The moment I opened the box I was greeted with a lemony scent. It was so refreshing. Next came the cards….one describing the contents of the box, one with the description of the newly launched designer jewelry box and one Kiehl’s card which can be taken to any of Kiehl’s outlet and we can avail a complimentary skin check and product sachets 🙂

Let me take you through the products:
1. Roots And Above lemon essential oil (10 ml):
This one comes in a cute blue glass bottle with a dropper. It costs Rs. 375 for 50ml. This one good if you have oily or combination skin. At night, mix 2-3 drops of it with your night cream and let it work on your skin. This claims to reduce excess oil secretion. It also helps to burn fat if inhaled. Though they had packed it nicely, it spilled in my box 😦

2. Votre Botanical Toning Mist (full size):
This one comes in a white spray bottle. I am happy to receive it because I can reuse the spray bottle 😛 It claims to clean your skin giving you a refreshed look. Haven’t tried this one yet but it’s suppose to restore the pH balance of the skin. The label around it says that it has a floral smell but it has a really really really faint smell. It is priced at Rs. 800 for 100ml.  

3. Gulnare Sea Flo face wash (full size):
A face wash that is handmade and is organic. Sounds tempting right??? I love to use all natural stuff for my face so I am pretty excited about this. This comes in a transparent bottle, looks a bit old school…..and I love things that look old school. It consists of cucumber, wheatgerm and grape seed oil. Perfect for summer right???? I am really soooo much excited to try this. And it costs Rs. 350 for 120ml.

4. Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer (full size):
This has the coolest and sassy-est packaging ever. It has kokum butter and organic almond oil along with various other organic stuff. Its 100% organic and 100 % vegan. This one is the Puerto Berry Blush version which has a reddish tint to it. It is priced at Rs. 499 for 14gms. This is one thing I am totally in love because of the packaging. It sits pretty in my bag 🙂

This is the entire content of this month’s My Envy Box. If you go for one month’s subscription then each box would cost you around Rs. 850 or so. I went for a 3 month’s subscription and I’m already excited for next month’s box. You can book your’s here.

Hope you enjoyed this month’s envy box’s review. I’ll be back next month with their box again 🙂 Till then……stay beautiful, stay gorgeoue….LOVE YOU XOXO



Pillsbury Fridge Cheesecake in the flavor CHOCOLATE ~ Complete Review

Hello everybody!!!! How are you all doing???? I hope everything is awesome and sunny in your lives just like our weather here in India! Okay……I posted on this blog’s facebook page that this is what I’ll review next so here I am with another food review! And before we start, please please please go like the Facebook Page of my blog and also I have opened a page just for the blog in Instagram…..follow me there too 🙂 It would mean a lot to me and you know that I loooooove to hear from you guys! And thank you in advance 🙂

Moving on to the review! I spotted this pack of pillsbury’s no bake fridge cheesecake while doing grocery shopping. Now I am a big fan of cheesecake. So I knew I had to get this. Without spending much time thinking I bought this pack. Now, the no bake fridge cheesecake comes in a strawberry  variant too.


This pack has a net weight of 165 grams and costs Rs. 130. They have all the instruction about how to make and what you need at the back of the box.

I read it and I gathered all the extra things that I might need i.e. biscuits and butter.

And then I got a pleasant surprise. I opened the box and found these pouches inside……yaaaaaaaayyyyyy!

Ain’t this great???? I really like when people make my job easy. These pouches have the exact amount of what you need (except the milk……now who doesn’t have milk at home ) and pouch containing cheesecake mix has marking which shows how much milk you need. Making this is super duper easy…..I’m not gonna lie! Get a base that is 5 inches wide and start on 🙂

Step 1: Empty the biscuit crumbs in the base that you’d be using. Add 2 and a half tablespoon of melted butter to it. Mix it well and press it down making a thin layer of biscuit crumbs for the cheesecake. Put it in the fridge for 10 mins to set. And this is exactly how it’ll look.

Step 2: Now empty the cheesecake mix in a bowl, add the milk and stir for 5 minutes till its thick and creamy. It’ll look like this.

Step 3: Pour it over the biscuit crumb layer, smooth out the top with the back of a spoon. Pour the chocolate sauce over it, spread it out  and refrigerate it for 1 hour minimum. (Here I forgot to add the chocolate sauce 😦  )

Step 4: This is where I started disliking it. I wanted to take it out, flip it upside down and then again flip to get an actual cake. But I let it flip for like 2-3 hours and this just didn’t fall off the glass bowl.

So, no more steps here. I realized that it won’t come off so I had to dig in with my spoon and I literally ate it off this very bowl.

Coming to how it tastes……THIS TASTES NOTHING LIKE CHEESECAKE. The chocolaty cheesecake-y thing actually tastes like a very light chocolate mousse. And that pic that they have on the carton…….I am sure its not this cheesecake. The amount of cheesecake mix is so less that when you pick up the whole thing along with biscuit crumbs, there is no taste of the cheesecake, only crumbs. And the chocolate sauce too doesn’t taste good. They should increase the quantity of cheesecake mix, honestly. Who wants to taste all the crumbs when you are in mood to eat Cheesecake! This is a complete no no for me!

Taste wise…….it’s bad.
I will not repurchase this again. Nope.
If you want good cheesecake, go to a bakery that serves good cheesecake. But if you think you’re gonna get good cheesecake by mixing the pouches in a carton……you’ll be highly disappointed.

I hope you liked my review. If you would like to suggest changes then comment down below. I love to read your suggestions and I’ll try to incorporate them too when I review something next time. Till then…….keep eating, stay happy…..LOVE XOXO

199 for each when you buy 2 pizzas @ pizza hut

I am sure each one has now seen this advertisement. Yep pizza hut is offering a deal that you simply can’t miss. When buy two pizzas (any size, any crust) you get each for Rs. 199. How damn good is that????
I am a pizza addict. I love it and I simply can’t stretch that enough. So when I caught hold of this offer, I knew I had to be there to make the most of it. And every pizza lover here should be there. You must. So on a very fine day when our exams got cancelled my gang decided to raid the Pizza Hut at City Centre 2 in Rajarhat, Newtown.
The first thing you notice when you walk inside this pizza hut is the decor done in beautiful wooden color and feel. I really liked it. It subtle and it has the perfect ambience for family get together or dates or anything. When we walked in, the place was kinda empty and we got a table for 6 easily. Since we were 6, we ordered 2 pairs of that 199 deal. 2 TRIPLE CHICKEN FEAST and 2 ULTIMATE CHICKEN pizzas. We didn’t add any extra toppings, not even extra cheese. These were pan pizzas and were delightful.
I am going to upload pics of both the pizzas but friends since I wasn’t carrying my camera along, the pics were taken by cell phone .

Yep, by the time I could click the pic, we were already halfway down through it. But this pizza is like heaven. It has Chicken Keema, Chicken Meatball, Chicken Hot & Chilly, Capsicum, Onion, Sweet Corn. You can feel so many flavors in a bite. All of us liked this one the best. The onions and capsicum were perfectly done, had the correct amount of crunch and seasoning to it.

How loaded does this one look????? It is loaded. It is meat lover’s ultimate pizza. It has Chicken Meatball, Chicken Pepperoni, Chicken Sausage and Chicken Keema. It has a smoky flavor to it and in this pizza the crust tastes wonderful. Yep the triple chicken one is flavorsome but this one is a completely different genre of pizza in my opinion. You get a slight burnt wood-y kind of smell and I like it.

Both the pizzas were freshly made and I cannot tell you enough how good they tasted. They asked us to order dessert but we were sooooo full by then. We were 6 and each of us ate 4-6 slices and we were totally full (I skipped dinner…..).
The best part is reserved for last. Now before getting our bills done we were told that they were doing a survey and if we fill it we get a free lime soda……yaaaaaayyyyy! But for that you need access to the internet. 5 of us had it. So we each got our codes and 5 of us got a free fresh sweet lime soda. It took away all the tiredness we had. It was refreshing (and anything for free always tastes good).
Here also we were halfway done when I remembered that I had to blog it….!!!! Okay, so the code that you get after filling up the survey can be used again after 21 days to avail a discount of 15%. How cool is that????

2 pairs of pizzas have cost us Rs. 1101 exactly. I know its really not a budget for college students, but come one…..once a while we all need to treat ourselves. And when its pizza hut and they are having such an offer…….IT’S A SIN TO MISS IT. Having said that, all of you go there this week itself, treat yourselves and get treated to a fresh lime soda too and then you can come back and tell me about your experience. I love to hear it. And dear management of Pizza Hut, if you are reading this review then let me tell you that these guys at your place are doing a commendable job. Service is top notch!

Till then….keep eating, keep treating yourself, keep loving yourself…..byeee! Love XOXO

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NYX Auto Eye pencil ~ SAPPHIRE review

Hello lovely people… are you all? What’s going on with your lives???? Do tell me how you all are feeling in the comment section below. I absolutely love to hear from you guys. Your one single comment makes my day and yup don’t forget to send me your valuable  suggestions. I love to read them 🙂 And don’t forget to follow me on instagram and roposo! In insta I’m there are @revtee_ and on roposo find me as Revtee…….yohoooo so let’s get started 🙂

If you guys are following me on roposo, you know that I promised to review this eye pencil. Yep it’s the NYX Auto eye pencil in the shade sapphire. It retails for Rs. 275 and you get 0.22 grams of product in a roll up pencil. The packaging is beautiful. The product is packed in a black roll up kinda pencily pack (I don’t know if that makes any sense but you know what I’m talking about) which is easy to carry around.



By the shade Sapphire, by now I’m sure that you know that its gonna be a beautiful blue shade. Yep it is. The shade is a gorgeous blue that’ll suit every skin tone.


The texture of the eye pencil is creamy. And by creamy I mean very very creamy. It glides on easily. The end look is kind of matte. Since it’s a roll up, you won’t have to sharpen it every time. Let’s take a look at its shade.

The color is nice right??? And you know what, this pencil is loaded with goodness of moisturizers’s like coconut oil, grape-seed oil, vitamin E etc etc. I guess that’s why they are so creamy.


But being so creamy has its own cons. Guys, this color does not stay on eyelids for long. If you have oily eyelids like I do then its a complete no no. If you have dry eyelids then good for you. Now on the swatch you can see that its really not that pigmented. The pigmentation is okayish. The eyeliner is sooooo creamy that I doubt it’ll even stay whether put over a primer or not. It smudges easily and if you even lightly run your fingers over it, this baby is gonna smudge. And even if you don’t the baby itself will smudge in like 5 minutes or so.


This is how they turned out on my eyelids and these were the first eye pencils with which I tried making a winged eyeliner and I failed miserably 😦 I guess it’ll need some more practice. I wore them one day and had to take these pics via my cell phone but still you can see that it is not a gorgeous sapphire. Nope. For me the NYX auto eyeliner pencil failed.


  • Moisturizing
  • Easily available
  • Affordable
  • Cruelty and LEAD free
  • Glides on easily
  • Many shades are available
  • No sharpening needed
  • Attractive packaging
  • Easy to carry


  • Not heavily pigmented
  • Super duper creamy
  • Smudges easily
  • Not waterproof
  • Doesn’t stay for long
  • Won’t stay on oily eyelids or if you sweat too much (Like I do)

By now I’m sure you know that it’s not okay to spend money on a product that won’t do any of it’s job. I’d suggest you don’t buy it. Honestly. It does absolutely nothing and I’m definitely not gonna repurchase. If you have it already, then tell me how it fared on you. It might work differently for you!

I hope you guys enjoyed the review. Don’t forget to tell me how you doing (Joey style 😛 ) and tell me if you want me to try out any new product. I’d be happy to review.

Till then, take lots of care for yourself, love yourself, stay positive and gorgeous…….LOVE XOXO