199 for each when you buy 2 pizzas @ pizza hut

I am sure each one has now seen this advertisement. Yep pizza hut is offering a deal that you simply can’t miss. When buy two pizzas (any size, any crust) you get each for Rs. 199. How damn good is that????
I am a pizza addict. I love it and I simply can’t stretch that enough. So when I caught hold of this offer, I knew I had to be there to make the most of it. And every pizza lover here should be there. You must. So on a very fine day when our exams got cancelled my gang decided to raid the Pizza Hut at City Centre 2 in Rajarhat, Newtown.
The first thing you notice when you walk inside this pizza hut is the decor done in beautiful wooden color and feel. I really liked it. It subtle and it has the perfect ambience for family get together or dates or anything. When we walked in, the place was kinda empty and we got a table for 6 easily. Since we were 6, we ordered 2 pairs of that 199 deal. 2 TRIPLE CHICKEN FEAST and 2 ULTIMATE CHICKEN pizzas. We didn’t add any extra toppings, not even extra cheese. These were pan pizzas and were delightful.
I am going to upload pics of both the pizzas but friends since I wasn’t carrying my camera along, the pics were taken by cell phone .

Yep, by the time I could click the pic, we were already halfway down through it. But this pizza is like heaven. It has Chicken Keema, Chicken Meatball, Chicken Hot & Chilly, Capsicum, Onion, Sweet Corn. You can feel so many flavors in a bite. All of us liked this one the best. The onions and capsicum were perfectly done, had the correct amount of crunch and seasoning to it.

How loaded does this one look????? It is loaded. It is meat lover’s ultimate pizza. It has Chicken Meatball, Chicken Pepperoni, Chicken Sausage and Chicken Keema. It has a smoky flavor to it and in this pizza the crust tastes wonderful. Yep the triple chicken one is flavorsome but this one is a completely different genre of pizza in my opinion. You get a slight burnt wood-y kind of smell and I like it.

Both the pizzas were freshly made and I cannot tell you enough how good they tasted. They asked us to order dessert but we were sooooo full by then. We were 6 and each of us ate 4-6 slices and we were totally full (I skipped dinner…..).
The best part is reserved for last. Now before getting our bills done we were told that they were doing a survey and if we fill it we get a free lime soda……yaaaaaayyyyy! But for that you need access to the internet. 5 of us had it. So we each got our codes and 5 of us got a free fresh sweet lime soda. It took away all the tiredness we had. It was refreshing (and anything for free always tastes good).
Here also we were halfway done when I remembered that I had to blog it….!!!! Okay, so the code that you get after filling up the survey can be used again after 21 days to avail a discount of 15%. How cool is that????

2 pairs of pizzas have cost us Rs. 1101 exactly. I know its really not a budget for college students, but come one…..once a while we all need to treat ourselves. And when its pizza hut and they are having such an offer…….IT’S A SIN TO MISS IT. Having said that, all of you go there this week itself, treat yourselves and get treated to a fresh lime soda too and then you can come back and tell me about your experience. I love to hear it. And dear management of Pizza Hut, if you are reading this review then let me tell you that these guys at your place are doing a commendable job. Service is top notch!

Till then….keep eating, keep treating yourself, keep loving yourself…..byeee! Love XOXO

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