The Thali from Only Alibaba ~Review

We all go through days when we feel lazy and we just don’t want to cook yet want to have something nice for lunch! Off late I’m really hitting those days. Few days back, I saw a banner outside the Jessore Road Alibaba outlet saying they have launched thalis starting at Rs. 80. So when I was just lazying around I thought of ordering them up.

The basic dishes in thali are chicken/egg/paneer masala type gravy, one veg item, one dal/another veg item, pulao and a gulab jamun. I placed an order around 11:15 a.m. and they said they’ll be delivering it around 2. Now one thing, we prefer home deliveries from food station at times when we want to eat and not when they want us to eat. So I think if a customer is calling them up and asking them to deliver items at a certain time, for their good will they should do that. Their joint is 10 minutes away from home. Since we had some issues at home that day we couldn’t go their to pick it ourselves. So we asked them to drop it by 1 but they were adamant on dropping it at 2. Alibaba, if you are reading this, improve your home delivery service.

Finally the thali arrived and we found that it was rather well packed. There was no leak, there was no gravy flowing around. The plastic seal was tightly placed and it took us quite an effort to remove it.


Finally we removed it and there was the food staring at us. We ordered a chicken and an egg thali. The dishes that were same in both the thalis were moong daal (pulses), sarson baingan ki sabzi (brinjal in mustard gravy) and a gulab jamun. There were two tiny small eggs in the egg thali and 4 small pieces of chicken in the chicken one. Both of them had the same gravy.



These two are the chicken thali. The egg thali is in the next pic.


Portion wise, it’s really enough for one person. I mean per person Rs. 80-90 for 5 items in a thali….is really good. The portions are filling and you really can’t complain.

Coming to the taste. I’ll take you through the dishes one by one!

  • Pulao: It was not cooked properly. The grains were raw and there was absolutely no taste in it.
  • Moong Daal : This one was pretty normal….better….can’t complain!
  • Sarson and Baingan Ki Sabzi : Tasteless. It wasn’t properly seasoned. Tere was just no taste in it.
  • Chicken Curry : Nothing over the top. Low on spice, low on seasoning.
  • Egg Curry : Same as chicken curry.
  • Gulab Jamun : The best item in the entire thali.

Overall, when I look at it, I find it good for the time when you are in a hurry or you are late for home and you are in no mood to cook for yourself. But eat it while its still hot. Once its cold, the entire thali is tasteless. Otherwise, you can happily give this one a miss.And the dishes change from time to time, so you might be surprised once or twice as they might turn out good.

The Veg and Egg thali is priced at Rs.80 and the Chicken thali is priced at Rs.90.


  • The quantity.
  • The packaging.
  • The price.


  • The basic thing…..taste… missing.
  •  The rice is never cooked properly.
  • Low seasoning.

Will I repurchase ???? NOOOOOO…..unless it’s the last option left.

I hope by now you know that’s its really not something you should waste your money on and one thing, has anyone else noticed that Alibaba’s reputation and food is degrading day by day??? If you feel the same, do comment below and let me know what you think of it. Till then….stay healthy, stay beautiful….lots of Love XOXO

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“Chilli Guava” drink from Paper Boat ~ Review

Helloooo people…how have you all been doing? It’s been soooo long since I wrote last. My exams were going on and because I am the kind of student who never studies the year around, one month prior to exams you’ll find me surrounded by mountains of books. My exams just ended two days back and before doing anything I decided to come here, talk to you guys and review one of the latest drinks from the very famous brand “PAPER BOAT”.
To begin with, this is not a sponsored post. The people at “Paper Boat” randomly sent me their latest launch and I decided to update you guys about how I exactly feel about it.

One day, after I returned home I had a parcel waiting to be unpacked. I opened it and there was this gorgeous pink box. I instantly fell in love with the box. It’s so cute and reminded so much of my childhood. I still have a child in me that resurfaces every now and then and it loves to collect pebbles, marbles and chalks. And this box is perfect for storing those sweet memories.

What I liked about them is that, the guys at Paper Boat have put in lot of creativity into the packaging….you’ll see it in every picture how they have a simple paper bottle into a beautiful juice bottle. Take this box even, there are so many small intricate designs. When I opened it, there were two juice bottles waiting for me. They are beautiful green in color and the motif on it said “Chilli Guava”


I am sure you have seen them in every supermarket that you visit here. I tasted their Aamras version and I really liked it. When I found out that they sent me the guava one, I was a tad bit disappointed because I don’t like guavas that much. I don’t like the way they smell. But, I was excited at the same time because I had something new to try and would be able to give you unbiased reviews about it.


The packaging of these bottles again is very unique, unlike any other bottle in the market. The ingredient list is simple….it has guava pulp, salt, lemon juice concentrate and condiments that include laal mirchi (red chilli powder), black pepper powder and aamchur powder. Another sweet thing that they have written on the bottle is “Contains love and ingredient bits”. How sweet is that !!!! And you need to shake it well before serving it cold. It retails for Rs.30 and you get 250ml in that….!


Now coming to the taste:
Its just lovely. And that is coming from a person who doesn’t like guava. There are guava pulps in it and the smell of guavas is not overpowering. The drink is perfectly seasoned. Its not too sweet neither too salty. The balance of condiments in it is perfect. If you are coming back home from a hot tiring day and you are sweating and feeling thirsty, then this will just calm you down. It calmed me down. It tastes much better when its cold. Every time I drank it, I was transported to my village and could see those guava trees and mango trees, those beautiful gardens and ponds….everything about my childhood. Yes it’s that beautiful. If you haven’t yet tried the paper boat drinks, you should. And if you like guavas then you don’t need to look any further. This will instantly become your favorite.

Verdict Time!!!!

Tastes really good.
Value for money.
Beautiful packaging.  Even the sealed cap has such a sweet shape.
Doesn’t contain too much preservatives or chemicals.
Easily available.

Sorry…..but I didn’t find any 😦 so yaaaaaaayyyy!

Will I repurchase??? Yes…yes…yes….this one and also the other variants!

I know its too hot and humid out here and if you haven’t yet tried these drinks then you just have the perfect excuse to try them. Treat yourself to something nice and healthy. Grab a Paper Boat drink and get lost into your memories. Till then…..stay beautiful, stay healthy…..lots of love XOXO