The 5-in-1 Facial Massager

Hellloooo lovely people! How are you all ??? I hope life is treating you beautifully. I really enjoying reading about all the viewers of my blog and I really really realllyyyy love it when you comment down below about all those happening things in your life. I enjoy reading them so much and I love to get back to you guys.

Today, I’m gonna talk about a “Beauty Gadget”. Yep. I don’t if you have seen but I have found many people use a rotating brush on their face and they claim that it deeply cleanses the skin and pores. Now, the normal washing technique i.e. using our fingers doesn’t always help in deep cleansing and you know that you can’t get deep into your pores with your fingers! So you need something really fine to go deep into your skin and clean it. And exactly for that purpose, this gadget was invented. I looked up in the internet and I found that they cost quite a lot. I mean, if you are okay with paying Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000 for a product then it’s fine or else for students like me, who are trying to take care of their skin on a budget, the one that I’m gonna write about today will prove to be a game changer!

One day while browsing the net, I stumbled across this product in Amazon. It’s a facial massager and a cleaner that retails for just Rs.349. Well I bought it when it was just Rs. 251. I think it has got some real good feedback and they have now increased the price. Still it’s affordable. You can buy and check it out here.


It comes with the machine and 5 attachment parts. The parts rotate effectively and you need two AA batteries to make it work.


I am soooo happy that I received the pink one! The machine has 2 settings, high and low. In high the head rotates pretty fast and in the low settings its comparatively slower. There are 5 different rotating heads in it.



You can use the rough one to remove hardened skin cells like around your ankles. There are two sponges….one for eye make-up remover and the bigger one to remove make-up from the face. Now it claims that you can even apply foundation with the sponge but I haven’t tried it that way. There is another rolling massager that helps to massage creams and lotions deep into the skin. And lastly, there is my favorite one that helps to clean the skin by sweeping out all the dirt from the pores. Yep it’s the soft bristled brush.


(Look at my hand……I have got tanned soooo much in the last couple of weeks).

Okay….now you can see the bristles. At first you might feel that its really hard and rough. So the first few times I’d suggest you rub a little bit shower gel or soap around your ankles and use it there. It’ll soften the bristles. One thing you need to remember is that……CLEAN YOUR BRUSH EXTREMELY WELL AND DRY THEM BEFORE NEXT USE. No matter which rotating head you are using, you need to clean it really well. So the first couple of times after using it on your ankles, clean it really really reallllyyyyy well and dry it. In a mug, in some water, add some shower gel or shampoo….soak the brush head for few minutes….wash it….run it under water and then air dry.

Coming tot he procedure of using this brush…..quite simple! You’ll need your favorite face wash (preferably use a foaming face wash) and take a little bit more than you usually use. Rub it on your fingers and foam it up, later on wet face generously and then take the massager/cleaner, turn on the low setting first and slowly start moving on your face from chin to forehead. Cover your entire face and then increase the speed to high and clean one more time. Wash off your face with cold water (you should end your skin care regime with cold water to lock the pores) , pat dry and apply a moisturizer. Tada! You are done! Remember not to use this on your face for more than 30 seconds. You can use this massager on your face twice a week. That would be enough to deep clean the skin.



  • Unclogs pores
  • Helps control oil secretion
  • Deeply cleanses skin
  • Gives a fresh feel after use
  • Affordable
  • Easy to carry….the size is moderate and easily fits even in your handbag!
  • The packaging is realllyyy good


  • Initially I think they should send it with the batteries. Come on it’s 2016….can’t you send the batteries!!!!

So my lovely people…..what do you think??? I think you should go ahead and try this. If you have oily skin and clogged pores then you need this. Get it today and let me know how much you like it. For any more queries you can always comment down below! Till then….lots of lots of lots of Love…..XOXO


2 thoughts on “The 5-in-1 Facial Massager

    1. Thank you so much for taking out your time and reading it….! This one is actually great. It’s a good budget pick plus you even get to know how your skin would react to facial massagers. It’s affordable and super easy to use. And don’t forget to tell me when your birthday is 🙂


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