Chinese at the OASIS Restaurant ~ Review

Helloooo foodies, how are you all ??? I hope everything in your lives are crispy and delicious! If you are reading this, it means that you are a foodie or else why would anyone ever read the review of restaurants. I think we all are foodies here. Who doesn’t love to eat good food…!  I literally live to eat. Okay, so without wasting much time let me take you straight to one of the old restaurants of Kolkata. Yep this restaurant has renovated itself but I’ll still call it old because I can remember visiting this particular restaurant since I was a child.

Situated in Madge Lane at Esplanade, or as we lovingly call “The narrow street exactly opposite to New Market”, Oasis has been serving customers since a long time. The restaurant is situated between two tailoring shops and there are high chances that you’d miss it. Atleast I miss it every time. As you enter, you’d find two tables on the first floor and if you go up, you’d find a bigger sitting area. Last week, I went there to do some shopping. I was sooooo hungry that I decided to may my old friend a visit here. Since I can recall, I have never seen any other customer walk in tot his restaurant. Or maybe its on the days that I go there they aren’t hosting customers. I have always had lunch/dinner alone over here. I think this is the case with many people and that is why so many on Zomato have commented that it’s a dying restaurant. But, I am telling you, if you are ever here and at Esplanade or near Hogg’s Market, pay this restaurant a visit. Now, let’s move on to the review.

We walked in and the only person inside walked us to a table of four and we were seated. The decor inside is nothing over the top. It’s just a decent restaurant. White plates, condiments in white containers, white salt and pepper shakers were sitting all pretty on a deep blue table cloth.


These three containers on the top had tomato sauce, chilli sauce and vinegar and chillies……left to right. And it is the smell of the chillies soaked in vinegar that provoked me to have chinese…..I’d rather say Indo-Chinese that day. I went with mom and dad. Mom doesn’t eat anything apart from home cooked food and dad wasn’t that hungry. So. he ordered “Cream Of Tomato” soup for himself and I ordered “Mixed Chowmein” and “Garlic Chicken”.


This one is the cream of tomato.  It costs Rs.98 for a full plate. Now, I am not a big fan of cream of tomato soups. As a matter of fact I don’t like soups that much. But this one was simply too good. I have never tasted plain tomato soup that is sooooo delicious. I never thought that a simple tomato soup can be this yummy. They even added croutons which were crispy and were just starting to soak up the soup. I had one sip of it and was amazed. The seasoning was perfect, it was not too spicy nor to bland. If you are a fan of soups like my dad then get this one. I cannot really praise this enough.

Next came on the table the chowmein and garlic chicken. The Mixed Chowmein costs Rs.145 a plate and the garlic chicken is priced at Rs.195 a plate. One plate of garlic chicken has 8 succulent pieces of coated and fried chicken.


The quantity of chowmein is enough just for 1 person. Previously the quantity that they served was much more compared to the current times. They have increased the price but the quantity has reduced. Why do people do that…..this is where we foodies are hurt you know 😦


Taste wise, the chowmein was decent….like the ones we get at any other chinese restaurants. Seasoning was perfect (though I added little vinegar and chillies to it). I took mixed chowmein so it had pieces of egg, chicken and even tiny prawns. There were also veggies which were crunchy yet not raw. I liked it. It is a decent dish. Just because I am not a big fan of rice so I didn’t order fried rice and went for this one. Not a decision that I’ll regret. Honestly, it was good.


The Garlic Chicken was damn good. This was the star of the entire meal I had. The chicken was not overcooked, coated nicely and the gravy was just heavenly. It complimented the chowmein sooo well. It was not too spicy nor it had an overpowering taste of garlic. Perfectly seasoned, well cooked, juicy chicken pieces. Next time I am going there, I’ll be ordering it again.


Seriously, how beautiful does it look on the plate!

Coming tot he price. Had only 3 things and had to pay Rs.528. I mean…..whaaaaaaat????? Yep the price is a bit on the costlier side. This is not a restaurant where I’ll go everyday or once a week. It’s good for the times when you are meeting your old friends after a looong time or simply have made plans to go to date (you can go to date here because you know why…..there are hardly people in there 😛 ). I’m putting up a pic of the bill so you get an exact idea of the charge and all.



Rating: I’ll give it a 4 out of 5. Deducting .5 each for being pricey and the little quantity that they are serving.

Will I go there again??? Hell yeah…..but now sooner! Maybe after few months or so!

One thing for the manager or owner of this restaurant. Your restaurant honestly serves good food. I never had a bad experience here. Yep it’s dying. Save it. Either increase the quantity a bit or reduce the price and yes try to promote it. It’s a good place and I’ll be hurt if it shuts down.

For they who don’t eat chinese or don’t like chinese, they even serve north Indian food and continental food.  Even they taste quite good. Go try it and you won’t regret it.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this review. I have got a few review lined up. Would be posting them soon. Don’t forget to comment below about anything you feel about my blog. I love to hear from you guys. And I’d be sooo grateful if you go and like my facebook page here. You can also follow me on Roposo. Till the next time….Lots of Love……XOXO.


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The Thali from Only Alibaba ~Review

We all go through days when we feel lazy and we just don’t want to cook yet want to have something nice for lunch! Off late I’m really hitting those days. Few days back, I saw a banner outside the Jessore Road Alibaba outlet saying they have launched thalis starting at Rs. 80. So when I was just lazying around I thought of ordering them up.

The basic dishes in thali are chicken/egg/paneer masala type gravy, one veg item, one dal/another veg item, pulao and a gulab jamun. I placed an order around 11:15 a.m. and they said they’ll be delivering it around 2. Now one thing, we prefer home deliveries from food station at times when we want to eat and not when they want us to eat. So I think if a customer is calling them up and asking them to deliver items at a certain time, for their good will they should do that. Their joint is 10 minutes away from home. Since we had some issues at home that day we couldn’t go their to pick it ourselves. So we asked them to drop it by 1 but they were adamant on dropping it at 2. Alibaba, if you are reading this, improve your home delivery service.

Finally the thali arrived and we found that it was rather well packed. There was no leak, there was no gravy flowing around. The plastic seal was tightly placed and it took us quite an effort to remove it.


Finally we removed it and there was the food staring at us. We ordered a chicken and an egg thali. The dishes that were same in both the thalis were moong daal (pulses), sarson baingan ki sabzi (brinjal in mustard gravy) and a gulab jamun. There were two tiny small eggs in the egg thali and 4 small pieces of chicken in the chicken one. Both of them had the same gravy.



These two are the chicken thali. The egg thali is in the next pic.


Portion wise, it’s really enough for one person. I mean per person Rs. 80-90 for 5 items in a thali….is really good. The portions are filling and you really can’t complain.

Coming to the taste. I’ll take you through the dishes one by one!

  • Pulao: It was not cooked properly. The grains were raw and there was absolutely no taste in it.
  • Moong Daal : This one was pretty normal….better….can’t complain!
  • Sarson and Baingan Ki Sabzi : Tasteless. It wasn’t properly seasoned. Tere was just no taste in it.
  • Chicken Curry : Nothing over the top. Low on spice, low on seasoning.
  • Egg Curry : Same as chicken curry.
  • Gulab Jamun : The best item in the entire thali.

Overall, when I look at it, I find it good for the time when you are in a hurry or you are late for home and you are in no mood to cook for yourself. But eat it while its still hot. Once its cold, the entire thali is tasteless. Otherwise, you can happily give this one a miss.And the dishes change from time to time, so you might be surprised once or twice as they might turn out good.

The Veg and Egg thali is priced at Rs.80 and the Chicken thali is priced at Rs.90.


  • The quantity.
  • The packaging.
  • The price.


  • The basic thing…..taste… missing.
  •  The rice is never cooked properly.
  • Low seasoning.

Will I repurchase ???? NOOOOOO…..unless it’s the last option left.

I hope by now you know that’s its really not something you should waste your money on and one thing, has anyone else noticed that Alibaba’s reputation and food is degrading day by day??? If you feel the same, do comment below and let me know what you think of it. Till then….stay healthy, stay beautiful….lots of Love XOXO

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“Chilli Guava” drink from Paper Boat ~ Review

Helloooo people…how have you all been doing? It’s been soooo long since I wrote last. My exams were going on and because I am the kind of student who never studies the year around, one month prior to exams you’ll find me surrounded by mountains of books. My exams just ended two days back and before doing anything I decided to come here, talk to you guys and review one of the latest drinks from the very famous brand “PAPER BOAT”.
To begin with, this is not a sponsored post. The people at “Paper Boat” randomly sent me their latest launch and I decided to update you guys about how I exactly feel about it.

One day, after I returned home I had a parcel waiting to be unpacked. I opened it and there was this gorgeous pink box. I instantly fell in love with the box. It’s so cute and reminded so much of my childhood. I still have a child in me that resurfaces every now and then and it loves to collect pebbles, marbles and chalks. And this box is perfect for storing those sweet memories.

What I liked about them is that, the guys at Paper Boat have put in lot of creativity into the packaging….you’ll see it in every picture how they have a simple paper bottle into a beautiful juice bottle. Take this box even, there are so many small intricate designs. When I opened it, there were two juice bottles waiting for me. They are beautiful green in color and the motif on it said “Chilli Guava”


I am sure you have seen them in every supermarket that you visit here. I tasted their Aamras version and I really liked it. When I found out that they sent me the guava one, I was a tad bit disappointed because I don’t like guavas that much. I don’t like the way they smell. But, I was excited at the same time because I had something new to try and would be able to give you unbiased reviews about it.


The packaging of these bottles again is very unique, unlike any other bottle in the market. The ingredient list is simple….it has guava pulp, salt, lemon juice concentrate and condiments that include laal mirchi (red chilli powder), black pepper powder and aamchur powder. Another sweet thing that they have written on the bottle is “Contains love and ingredient bits”. How sweet is that !!!! And you need to shake it well before serving it cold. It retails for Rs.30 and you get 250ml in that….!


Now coming to the taste:
Its just lovely. And that is coming from a person who doesn’t like guava. There are guava pulps in it and the smell of guavas is not overpowering. The drink is perfectly seasoned. Its not too sweet neither too salty. The balance of condiments in it is perfect. If you are coming back home from a hot tiring day and you are sweating and feeling thirsty, then this will just calm you down. It calmed me down. It tastes much better when its cold. Every time I drank it, I was transported to my village and could see those guava trees and mango trees, those beautiful gardens and ponds….everything about my childhood. Yes it’s that beautiful. If you haven’t yet tried the paper boat drinks, you should. And if you like guavas then you don’t need to look any further. This will instantly become your favorite.

Verdict Time!!!!

Tastes really good.
Value for money.
Beautiful packaging.  Even the sealed cap has such a sweet shape.
Doesn’t contain too much preservatives or chemicals.
Easily available.

Sorry…..but I didn’t find any 😦 so yaaaaaaayyyy!

Will I repurchase??? Yes…yes…yes….this one and also the other variants!

I know its too hot and humid out here and if you haven’t yet tried these drinks then you just have the perfect excuse to try them. Treat yourself to something nice and healthy. Grab a Paper Boat drink and get lost into your memories. Till then…..stay beautiful, stay healthy…..lots of love XOXO



Pillsbury Fridge Cheesecake in the flavor CHOCOLATE ~ Complete Review

Hello everybody!!!! How are you all doing???? I hope everything is awesome and sunny in your lives just like our weather here in India! Okay……I posted on this blog’s facebook page that this is what I’ll review next so here I am with another food review! And before we start, please please please go like the Facebook Page of my blog and also I have opened a page just for the blog in Instagram…..follow me there too 🙂 It would mean a lot to me and you know that I loooooove to hear from you guys! And thank you in advance 🙂

Moving on to the review! I spotted this pack of pillsbury’s no bake fridge cheesecake while doing grocery shopping. Now I am a big fan of cheesecake. So I knew I had to get this. Without spending much time thinking I bought this pack. Now, the no bake fridge cheesecake comes in a strawberry  variant too.


This pack has a net weight of 165 grams and costs Rs. 130. They have all the instruction about how to make and what you need at the back of the box.

I read it and I gathered all the extra things that I might need i.e. biscuits and butter.

And then I got a pleasant surprise. I opened the box and found these pouches inside……yaaaaaaaayyyyyy!

Ain’t this great???? I really like when people make my job easy. These pouches have the exact amount of what you need (except the milk……now who doesn’t have milk at home ) and pouch containing cheesecake mix has marking which shows how much milk you need. Making this is super duper easy…..I’m not gonna lie! Get a base that is 5 inches wide and start on 🙂

Step 1: Empty the biscuit crumbs in the base that you’d be using. Add 2 and a half tablespoon of melted butter to it. Mix it well and press it down making a thin layer of biscuit crumbs for the cheesecake. Put it in the fridge for 10 mins to set. And this is exactly how it’ll look.

Step 2: Now empty the cheesecake mix in a bowl, add the milk and stir for 5 minutes till its thick and creamy. It’ll look like this.

Step 3: Pour it over the biscuit crumb layer, smooth out the top with the back of a spoon. Pour the chocolate sauce over it, spread it out  and refrigerate it for 1 hour minimum. (Here I forgot to add the chocolate sauce 😦  )

Step 4: This is where I started disliking it. I wanted to take it out, flip it upside down and then again flip to get an actual cake. But I let it flip for like 2-3 hours and this just didn’t fall off the glass bowl.

So, no more steps here. I realized that it won’t come off so I had to dig in with my spoon and I literally ate it off this very bowl.

Coming to how it tastes……THIS TASTES NOTHING LIKE CHEESECAKE. The chocolaty cheesecake-y thing actually tastes like a very light chocolate mousse. And that pic that they have on the carton…….I am sure its not this cheesecake. The amount of cheesecake mix is so less that when you pick up the whole thing along with biscuit crumbs, there is no taste of the cheesecake, only crumbs. And the chocolate sauce too doesn’t taste good. They should increase the quantity of cheesecake mix, honestly. Who wants to taste all the crumbs when you are in mood to eat Cheesecake! This is a complete no no for me!

Taste wise…….it’s bad.
I will not repurchase this again. Nope.
If you want good cheesecake, go to a bakery that serves good cheesecake. But if you think you’re gonna get good cheesecake by mixing the pouches in a carton……you’ll be highly disappointed.

I hope you liked my review. If you would like to suggest changes then comment down below. I love to read your suggestions and I’ll try to incorporate them too when I review something next time. Till then…….keep eating, stay happy…..LOVE XOXO

199 for each when you buy 2 pizzas @ pizza hut

I am sure each one has now seen this advertisement. Yep pizza hut is offering a deal that you simply can’t miss. When buy two pizzas (any size, any crust) you get each for Rs. 199. How damn good is that????
I am a pizza addict. I love it and I simply can’t stretch that enough. So when I caught hold of this offer, I knew I had to be there to make the most of it. And every pizza lover here should be there. You must. So on a very fine day when our exams got cancelled my gang decided to raid the Pizza Hut at City Centre 2 in Rajarhat, Newtown.
The first thing you notice when you walk inside this pizza hut is the decor done in beautiful wooden color and feel. I really liked it. It subtle and it has the perfect ambience for family get together or dates or anything. When we walked in, the place was kinda empty and we got a table for 6 easily. Since we were 6, we ordered 2 pairs of that 199 deal. 2 TRIPLE CHICKEN FEAST and 2 ULTIMATE CHICKEN pizzas. We didn’t add any extra toppings, not even extra cheese. These were pan pizzas and were delightful.
I am going to upload pics of both the pizzas but friends since I wasn’t carrying my camera along, the pics were taken by cell phone .

Yep, by the time I could click the pic, we were already halfway down through it. But this pizza is like heaven. It has Chicken Keema, Chicken Meatball, Chicken Hot & Chilly, Capsicum, Onion, Sweet Corn. You can feel so many flavors in a bite. All of us liked this one the best. The onions and capsicum were perfectly done, had the correct amount of crunch and seasoning to it.

How loaded does this one look????? It is loaded. It is meat lover’s ultimate pizza. It has Chicken Meatball, Chicken Pepperoni, Chicken Sausage and Chicken Keema. It has a smoky flavor to it and in this pizza the crust tastes wonderful. Yep the triple chicken one is flavorsome but this one is a completely different genre of pizza in my opinion. You get a slight burnt wood-y kind of smell and I like it.

Both the pizzas were freshly made and I cannot tell you enough how good they tasted. They asked us to order dessert but we were sooooo full by then. We were 6 and each of us ate 4-6 slices and we were totally full (I skipped dinner…..).
The best part is reserved for last. Now before getting our bills done we were told that they were doing a survey and if we fill it we get a free lime soda……yaaaaaayyyyy! But for that you need access to the internet. 5 of us had it. So we each got our codes and 5 of us got a free fresh sweet lime soda. It took away all the tiredness we had. It was refreshing (and anything for free always tastes good).
Here also we were halfway done when I remembered that I had to blog it….!!!! Okay, so the code that you get after filling up the survey can be used again after 21 days to avail a discount of 15%. How cool is that????

2 pairs of pizzas have cost us Rs. 1101 exactly. I know its really not a budget for college students, but come one…..once a while we all need to treat ourselves. And when its pizza hut and they are having such an offer…….IT’S A SIN TO MISS IT. Having said that, all of you go there this week itself, treat yourselves and get treated to a fresh lime soda too and then you can come back and tell me about your experience. I love to hear it. And dear management of Pizza Hut, if you are reading this review then let me tell you that these guys at your place are doing a commendable job. Service is top notch!

Till then….keep eating, keep treating yourself, keep loving yourself…..byeee! Love XOXO

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Buffet at Flame & Grill ~ A Complete Review

We all have a foodie inside us. Believe it or not, it’s true. And for me, I am the kind of person who forgets everything if served with good food. Honestly, food is the purest form of joy. And when it comes to good food, life feels awesome. I am a foodie before anything else. If not an engineer, I would have been a chef for sure.
Before I move on to the review, I want to thank ZOMATO for granting me my blogger access. And this is gonna be my first restaurant review after being a certified zomato blogger  B-) Really zomato……much love! Keep the foodie in us all alive!

Recently my sister flew down with my one year old niece here. Since we all missed our dearest Saana’s birthday , sis decided to treat us all here at our very favorite “Flame & Grill” restaurant. Being foodies, all of us readily agreed.

Flame & Grill, was one of those restaurants that started offering live bar-b-que here in Kolkata. Now many buffet joints have opened but this continues to be many of our’s favorite. I remember having my first bar-b-que and buffet session here. That is why it’ll always remain very special to me.

I don’t know how many of you reading this have visited there, but, to begin with, Flame & Grill is a meat lover’s delight. Yes there are options in veggie too but I was alwaaaaaays interested in the non-veg one 😛  It is famous for its array of kebabs and starters. Trust me, they serve so much of starters that you won’t have any place left for main course or dessert. I won’t go into the interior decor and all. I’d rather focus on the food in this post. So, without much delay……let’s start..!

The first thing you’ll be served are starters. There are varieties of them. Few of them are Prawn kebab, chicken tandoori, shammi kebab, fish chop, chicken malai roll, another variety of chicken kebab and lots more. Last day I managed to click pics of very few of them but guys I am sorry…..I couldn’t carry my camera, so had to click using my phone. Few pics may seem dull because of the low lights.


The first pic is of chicken malai roll and fish chop. Now, their menu keeps changing. So I would humbly request the chef that “Pllllleeeeeeeaaase keep the chicken malai roll in your menu forever”. Its light tortillas filled with soft juicy chicken tossed in white sauce and cheese. Its not overpowering, has the perfect seasoning, its light and yummmmyyyy. It’s one of my favorites now. The fish chop was okay-ish. Mom and sis loved it though. I guess, I can’t complain. And in the second pic, you can see how its stashed with kebabs. Don’t they look yummy?? I am getting hungry now! You can eat as much as you want here. Yes. AS MUCH AS YOU WANT.

After gorging on them, I was almost full. It was then time for main course. Here I don’t have all the pics but there are many variants in both veg and non-veg areas. I am giving the list below:
IN VEG: Steamed rice, pulao, dal makhani, paneer saag masala, kumbh sabzi, chef’s special sabzi, teel mili sabzi and veg salads.

IN NON-VEG: Kolkata dum biryani, butter chicken, chef’s special mutton, chef’s special fish, jhinga masala and three kinds of salads.

In bread they have naan and lachha paratha.


I simply loved the biryani. It was light, mildly spiced and tasty. Butter chicken could have been better. Dal makhani was really nice. Special mention goes  to the “Chef’s special fish” and “Jhinga masala”. They were yummy. The naan was soft and fluffy. Paneer saag masala was super yummy. I love anything that is made with paneer so…..! Kumbh sabzi was quite good too.  What I didn’t like was the “Chef’s special mutton”. It was a no-no for me.

Now after all these, comes the dessert section. I was soooo much full already but can’t give up dessert. `


The mousses were really good….especially the paan flavored one. It was really really good. It had such a unique flavor. Chocolate mousse was also nice. BUt I didn’t like the pineapple one. If you are an ice-cream lover, then Flame & Grill offers you four varieties of ice cream and you can have as much as you want. You can top them with chocolate sauce, strawberry jelly, mango jelly, sweetened nuts and even chocolate chips. But I went with the classic “Gulab Jamun with Ice Cream”. They had soft hot gulab jamuns floating and I simply couldn’t resist. Had quite a few of them. They also had shahi tukda and peanut butter with chocolate brownie. They were equally good. They also had a chocolate cherry roulade which wa again okay-ish. They were serving dudhi halwa yesterday and noooooo its not for me. I think the dudhi had to be cooked a little bit more. It felt raw.

So……are you guys hungry yet???? I bet you are. Simply grab your wallet and rush to Flame & Grill today. They are a complete value for money restaurant with buffet service. Apart from all these what I loved was the behavior of the staffs. They were soooo friendly and helpful. I loved it again. Every time I am there, I fall in love with it a little more. But to be honest, the quality of food was little better when they first opened. I strongly feel, if they  put a little bit more effort, this will be one of Kolkata’s biggest buffet joints. Even now they are. And no matter what, we will always love you 🙂

I took the screenshot to let you guys know about the pricing. Hope you find it useful 🙂

Without much delay, treat the foodie in you to some real good dishes here at Flame & Grill. Don’t forget to comment below about your experience and also tips regarding how I can improve my blog 🙂
Till then…..take care guys…..Much Love XOXO

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Keeping it light with LIPTON ~ review for LIPTON green tea with Lemon Zest


Hellooo and welcome to my blog lovely readers. I hope all of you are in your best of health and the summer is not being too harsh on you! Off late I didn’t write a post on food because I am too much involved right now with creating all natural DIYs for my skin and hair 😛 but here I am today with a post on GREEN TEA from Lipton. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

The benefits of green tea by now I am sure are well known to you. Its rich in anti-oxidant which helps flush out all the toxins from your body. It’s light on the stomach plus with this you can even cut down your sugar cravings. What better than to start your day with a cup of green tea and keep feeling healthier and lighter throughout the day!

Yesterday I picked this one up. Its the LIPTON GREEN TEA and its flavored with LEMON ZEST. Now let me tell you, I am a big fan of the lime like smell. It rejuvenates my mood and instantly makes me happy. In summer I am always drinking lime sodas, lassis with lemon juice in it and I even incorporate lemon in mud packs. There were a few other varieties of green tea with different flavors but I picked this one. Plus, the last time I had bought green tea, I didn’t like the taste at all. I am not a big tea person. I am more of a coffee girl. But off late I was thinking of trying out green tea and so I picked this that has a hint of lemon in it.

The box has a green and yellow ombre texture to it. I kind of like the color co-ordination that goes on the box. I bought the one that has 10 tea-bags and it retails for Rs.60/-. When you’ll open the box, you’ll find the tea bags secured inside another silver bag. Cut it open gently and voila….you have all your tea bags 🙂


By now I think all of you know how to make green tea. I did the same procedure.

  • I placed a tea bag in the cup and put some water to boil.
  • I placed a slice of lemon in my cup . This step is completely optional.
  • When the water had boiled, I poured it into the cup and let the tea bag sit for a minute.
  • You’ll know your green tea is ready when you see that light golden color in the cup.


Now, guys, for the first time in my life I liked green tea. This particular flavor is amazing. Next time I won’t even put that slice of lemon into it as it already has such a beautiful smell of lemon in it. The taste is sooooo good. I am not a tea person yet I liked this. So you can understand. I think I am starting by good health journey with this. I am going to drink this one every day. The flavor is so good that you can even make it into an iced tea version.

I am telling you people, if you never liked green tea or even if you like green tea, you need to try this one out. Its soooo good plus it has all the health benefits.

Next time, wake up to some beautiful light golden cup of tea and your day will be full of light 🙂


Don’t forget to tell me how you liked it. I’m always eager to know from you guys. Till then, lots of love……XOXO


The Sweetie Box


I couldn’t find a better picture to start this post with. Yes today I’m gonna write about a totally unique subscription box that has all the ingredients to make your day. There is nothing on this planet that chocolates cannot fix. And the people at The Sweetie Box know it. They know how to uplift your mood and surprise you with the best way possible.

The Sweetie Box is a monthly subscription box that ships UK’s most favorite, loved and recently launched chocolates, candies, bubble gums and what not in a cute bright pink box. The box itself will make you drool. And when you open it…’ll be simply awestruck. You can find them at and order yours. They ship worldwide…….yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy! And you can make this gorgeous lovely box yours at just $16.99.

Now let me take you through the wonderful contents of the box.


This is how the box looks like……Pretty In Pink *drools*. Now just look at the next pic!


As a child did you ever feel lost in a candy shop??? I did. All the times. And this is exactly how I felt when I opened the box. At that moment I wanted to hug everybody at TheSweetieBox. Doesn’t this look so cheerful in itself ???This is enough to make a chocolate lover like me get infatuated with the box. And I finished few of the items in just a day. I’ll show you the pics of the ones that I saved to blog for you guys 😀

First……the Skittles. They look like Cadbury Gems but they are sour in a sweet way. And again……..soooooooo colorful.



Next are the unique, yellow and round Emoti Balls….lemon flavored bubble gum. These bubble gums actually look like emojis, so cute!


Next comes The Nerds……cute green and red tiny, tangy, crunchy candy flavored in “So-Very-cherry” and “What-a-melon”



Then I received, two packets of fun dips from two different brands. We don’t get these here so I am soooo excited to try this. They kind of have a flavored stick and a fuzzy flavored dip. I’ll try it just after I finish this blog 😛


I am super happy to receive the original version of oreos. Who doesn’t love oreos??? I can live on them literally. And they sent me a pack of the original OREOS. *happy dance*


Aaaand I saved the best for the last. They sent me my favorite Dairy Milk in OREO flavor! Do we get that here? Nooooo. Plus Hershey’s chocolate, plus Dairy Milk Caramello and another chocolate named “DAIM”. We only get the caramello here but I was equally excited to receive it with them. Who doesn’t like chocolates!


And now those two things that I finished the very day the box was delivered. Rainbow drops and Reese’s peanut butter cup. Rainbow drops are puffed rice and maize that are sweet and yes again they are colorful…..pretty pastel shades. And Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are like cups from heaven. They have a sift peanut buttery filling inside and they are coated with chocolate. Yummmmmm! Since I ate it up, I’ll post images that I found on the net so that you guys get to know how they are!


Aren’t these drool-worthy???? I am in total love with The Sweetie Box. Seriously guys you need one for yourself. Everybody deserves a Sweetie Box in their lives.

For more info about them you can follow them at instagram. Find them there as thesweetie_box , scroll through their images and you will know why everybody loves them. I can’t just get over them. Order your sweetie box now to enjoy the best of candies and chocolates. And you will simply not be dissappointed.

Till then…..have a chocolaty weekend……lots of love XOXO






How To Make CAPPUCINNO At Home

Well hello people…..its 15th February, one day post one of the greatest festivals of lover’s life. I hope you all had a beautiful Valentine’s day! Thank God it was a Sunday this year. Lazy people like me would have enjoyed staying back at home and ordering food and putting on PJs and watching romantic movies. And now to add to the misery, 15th is a Monday. And we all are getting those Monday blues. And we are looking everywhere for some #MondayMotivation. Here I am with an exciting coffee recipe that you can prepare to give that boost of energy on a Monday morning. P.S. You don’t require a coffee machine for this.


I am putting up an ingredient list but let me tell you, you can use things according to your preference.


  • Coffee – coarse or grounded (Nescafe or any available brand of coffee will do)
  • Sugar – Preferable take granulated sugar and not icing sugar.
  • Hot Milk – skim, double toned, full fat……any will do! The greater the fat content, the frothier it’ll be.
  • Cream – optional.

In this one, I have used regular coffee, granulated sugar and double toned milk without the cream.

I’ll illustrate the procedure step by step with pics.

  1. Take coffee and sugar in a cup. Now I won’t go into measurement because come on…..who cooks at home measuring every tablespoon and teaspoon! Add the ingredients as you want it. If you prefer stronger coffee, add little bit more of coffee powder. I like smoother creamier coffee so I kind of add equal quantity of coffee and sugar! 1
  2. Now add few drops of milk….be very cautious….don’t add more than 2-3 drops of milk. At the beginning you’ll feel the mixture is dry but that’s perfect. Keep stirring and you’ll see that everything is coming together. Take a look at the pics –


    3. You can see how it has changed color from dark brown to chocolaty brown. Keep stirring more because the whole key lies in stirring. You don’t have to stir vigorously but lightly for around 5 minutes till it begins to look like this –

    4. This mixture will double up in volume with constant stirring. And you can store this mixture for up to a week. Keep it in an air tight jar in the fridge and you can use it every time you want to have smooth creamy coffee. Now add just 2-3 ladle full of milk. Don’t fill up the cup all the way. After adding few ladles of milk, give it a good stir. Make sure you add boiling milk at this point coz we need to dissolve the sugar. (Best is, while making this, put the milk on stove at total low heat for boiling. By the time the milk will boil, the coffee paste will be ready). This is how it’ll look after you’ve added the milk and stirred – 6


5. By this time you’ll actually begin to feel that its becoming smooth. Now in my case, I added double toned milk. You can add cream or full fat milk or you can even add milk with water to fill the cup. After you have filled the cup, give it one quick stir and let it sit for few minutes and enjoy your cappucino.


I didn’t get a very thick froth because I used double toned milk. If you use full fat milk or cream, you’ll have a thicker froth. Anyway you’ll treat yourself to some heavenly coffee and once you are a pro at stirring it perfectly, you’ll never have coffee the regular way again!

Don’t forget to try this one and tell me how it turned out….!!! Beat your Monday blues or sit down for some “ME” time with your best cuppa in hand!

Till then….lots of love XOXO