My Envy Box May 2016 ~ The Tropical Edition

The best thing for a woman is to receive a monthly box filled with goodies. Trust me, we all women love to be pampered. That is why, subscription boxes are the new trend in the market. Every month, right at your doorstep you are sent all things beautiful to keep you happy for a month. By the time you think of trying something new, there is again another box delivered to you right away. And what is better than a bright colorful box filled with make-up, skin care and hair care essentials!!!! Ah! We love it. And to keep up with this trend, one of the best selling beauty….err… beauty subscription box brand here in India is our very own My Envy Box. Recently, subscribers have received the Tropical Box, made specially for May and I’m going to give you it details 🙂

This month’s theme is Tropical and keeping that in mind this month’s box is bright yellow with plant and floral impressions on it. There is also a pretty Pecan bird.

One thing I love about My Envy Box is that the boxes are quite sturdy and are re-usable. Plus they come in pretty colors every month and are enough to decorate your closet.

The moment I opened the box I was greeted with a lemony scent. It was so refreshing. Next came the cards….one describing the contents of the box, one with the description of the newly launched designer jewelry box and one Kiehl’s card which can be taken to any of Kiehl’s outlet and we can avail a complimentary skin check and product sachets 🙂

Let me take you through the products:
1. Roots And Above lemon essential oil (10 ml):
This one comes in a cute blue glass bottle with a dropper. It costs Rs. 375 for 50ml. This one good if you have oily or combination skin. At night, mix 2-3 drops of it with your night cream and let it work on your skin. This claims to reduce excess oil secretion. It also helps to burn fat if inhaled. Though they had packed it nicely, it spilled in my box 😦

2. Votre Botanical Toning Mist (full size):
This one comes in a white spray bottle. I am happy to receive it because I can reuse the spray bottle 😛 It claims to clean your skin giving you a refreshed look. Haven’t tried this one yet but it’s suppose to restore the pH balance of the skin. The label around it says that it has a floral smell but it has a really really really faint smell. It is priced at Rs. 800 for 100ml.  

3. Gulnare Sea Flo face wash (full size):
A face wash that is handmade and is organic. Sounds tempting right??? I love to use all natural stuff for my face so I am pretty excited about this. This comes in a transparent bottle, looks a bit old school…..and I love things that look old school. It consists of cucumber, wheatgerm and grape seed oil. Perfect for summer right???? I am really soooo much excited to try this. And it costs Rs. 350 for 120ml.

4. Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer (full size):
This has the coolest and sassy-est packaging ever. It has kokum butter and organic almond oil along with various other organic stuff. Its 100% organic and 100 % vegan. This one is the Puerto Berry Blush version which has a reddish tint to it. It is priced at Rs. 499 for 14gms. This is one thing I am totally in love because of the packaging. It sits pretty in my bag 🙂

This is the entire content of this month’s My Envy Box. If you go for one month’s subscription then each box would cost you around Rs. 850 or so. I went for a 3 month’s subscription and I’m already excited for next month’s box. You can book your’s here.

Hope you enjoyed this month’s envy box’s review. I’ll be back next month with their box again 🙂 Till then……stay beautiful, stay gorgeoue….LOVE YOU XOXO



Keeping it light with LIPTON ~ review for LIPTON green tea with Lemon Zest


Hellooo and welcome to my blog lovely readers. I hope all of you are in your best of health and the summer is not being too harsh on you! Off late I didn’t write a post on food because I am too much involved right now with creating all natural DIYs for my skin and hair 😛 but here I am today with a post on GREEN TEA from Lipton. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

The benefits of green tea by now I am sure are well known to you. Its rich in anti-oxidant which helps flush out all the toxins from your body. It’s light on the stomach plus with this you can even cut down your sugar cravings. What better than to start your day with a cup of green tea and keep feeling healthier and lighter throughout the day!

Yesterday I picked this one up. Its the LIPTON GREEN TEA and its flavored with LEMON ZEST. Now let me tell you, I am a big fan of the lime like smell. It rejuvenates my mood and instantly makes me happy. In summer I am always drinking lime sodas, lassis with lemon juice in it and I even incorporate lemon in mud packs. There were a few other varieties of green tea with different flavors but I picked this one. Plus, the last time I had bought green tea, I didn’t like the taste at all. I am not a big tea person. I am more of a coffee girl. But off late I was thinking of trying out green tea and so I picked this that has a hint of lemon in it.

The box has a green and yellow ombre texture to it. I kind of like the color co-ordination that goes on the box. I bought the one that has 10 tea-bags and it retails for Rs.60/-. When you’ll open the box, you’ll find the tea bags secured inside another silver bag. Cut it open gently and voila….you have all your tea bags 🙂


By now I think all of you know how to make green tea. I did the same procedure.

  • I placed a tea bag in the cup and put some water to boil.
  • I placed a slice of lemon in my cup . This step is completely optional.
  • When the water had boiled, I poured it into the cup and let the tea bag sit for a minute.
  • You’ll know your green tea is ready when you see that light golden color in the cup.


Now, guys, for the first time in my life I liked green tea. This particular flavor is amazing. Next time I won’t even put that slice of lemon into it as it already has such a beautiful smell of lemon in it. The taste is sooooo good. I am not a tea person yet I liked this. So you can understand. I think I am starting by good health journey with this. I am going to drink this one every day. The flavor is so good that you can even make it into an iced tea version.

I am telling you people, if you never liked green tea or even if you like green tea, you need to try this one out. Its soooo good plus it has all the health benefits.

Next time, wake up to some beautiful light golden cup of tea and your day will be full of light 🙂


Don’t forget to tell me how you liked it. I’m always eager to know from you guys. Till then, lots of love……XOXO